I see that the “nigga” has joined the group …

I also noticed that a jackass is planning to visit places …. nobody ever did that when I was in Albany!!!!! Anyways Jackass … congratulations on passing your exam …

Mr.Coolll … its been a while since I spoke with you …

Dodo .. what happened to the Vegas plans for July???

Is this enough or do I need to say more!!!!!!!!!!!!

27 days to D-Day ….


8 Responses to “Hmmmm…..”

  1. dodo Says:

    July plan under consideration, have to go for conference in san diego, will get back to you on this. and guess what I won russek award. First prize. hee hee !! isnt it intersting.

  2. dodo Says:

    hey 27 days ..tick tick 1, tick tick 2….:). Keep writing

  3. Rishi Says:

    Hey Divesh bhai … Thanks for the wishes … How are you doing man? and what is this countdown being done for ??? I am missing something ..
    And I am guessing Dodo will be Sangi? Right?

  4. Abhi Says:

    so what’s the countdown for??

  5. sangi Says:

    u guys Divesh is getting married next month.

  6. :) Says:

    Rishy why do u think dodo is sangi?

  7. Abhi Says:

    CONGRATS!!!!!! Divesh

  8. Shana Bandla Says:

    Only one of the nigga’s joined the blog. So we have to rope in the other.

    Who is 🙂 ???

    26 days to go……..

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