Indian casuals ??????

indian casuals = langot???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


17 Responses to “Indian casuals ??????”

  1. sangi Says:


  2. Piper Says:

    INdian casual = dhoti

    Indian INNERS = the ‘l’ word.


  3. Kiran Says:

    what about indian casuals for women…if its langot for men…then…we need to add an additional piece for the top for women…. someone suggest somethng…maybe bra-langot…
    this was the conversation we were having last nite at gusano`s bar…after a few beers too many… & what a name for a bar.. GUSANO`s…

  4. sangi Says:

    Yeeee..!! Hold on there
    girls have no problem wearing sarees so dont worry abt them..:)

  5. Shana Bandla Says:

    well i see divesh and kiran are having a very successful start to their conference and discussing some real intense issues.

    well as sangi said we have no issues wearing sarees. its only the guys who have to ‘clothing issues’ ;)So ‘langots’ would be fine if u show up. but would langot be considered indian formal ?????

  6. Divesh Says:

    Shana …. we no talkie about formals … we do talkie talkie about indian casuals!!!!!!!

    Yes … the discussion so far has been very intense and a lot of beer is being consumed in the process ….

    So you missing your sweetheart???

  7. Kiran Says:

    i dont think she is missing her sweetheart….I am not in albany, & thats the time she is with her sweetheart…

  8. Shana Bandla Says:

    Ekjatly Kiran!
    Am having a great time with my sweetheart and the whole house to myself (which is partly cleaned up after the whole day!!!) 🙂

  9. Abhi Says:

    Piper said…
    Indian INNERS = the ‘l’ word.

    What does “L” word stand for??

  10. Piper Says:

    L = lallooo…

  11. Abhi Says:

    Oh…I see

    I thought the L meant the first word of the name bellow


  12. Shana Says:

    hehe heehehehehehehehe

  13. sangi Says:


  14. Abhi Says:

    Lund or Leather
    Which one do people like to sit on??

  15. Shana Says:

    oouuccch….. that is obscene!! che che che… 😛

  16. Abhi Says:

    shana i am just talking about sofa’s

    what are you think about??

  17. Shana Says:

    i am talking about IKEA pple coming up with such a name …. what did u think?? 😛

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