Movies in May!

Would like to watch…:

1. Mission Impossible 3 (May 5th)
2. The Da Vinci Code and Over the Hedge (May 19th)
3. Fanaa (May 26th)

What are yours?!


24 Responses to “Movies in May!”

  1. spuri Says:

    This post has been removed by the author.

  2. spuri Says:

    Which one is “Over The Hedge”…Is it DARAAWANI?

  3. Piper Says:

    Naah.. follow the link
    its animation!

  4. sangi Says:

    hee hee sonu darawaani nahi ANIMATION hee hee !!

  5. Shana Bandla Says:

    What is darawaani?????????

    Da Vinci Code
    Over the Hedge
    Water (april 28 release)
    United 93

  6. sangi Says:

    hee hee shana darawni “scary” !

  7. Shana Bandla Says:

    well talk about written Hinglish!!

  8. Abhi Says:

    hee hee Guess who I am mocking?? hee hee

  9. Abhi Says:

    Movie I want to see is “United 93” and I willing be rooting for the Underdog…..Hopefully they get their goals accomplished

  10. Piper Says:

    underdog? this isnt WWF. or WWE.

  11. Shana Says:

    I give up!! whom are u mocking?????
    And who is the underdog to United 93????

  12. Abhi Says:

    hee hee I won’t tell you Shana. hee hee
    keep guessing hee hee
    hint: read the posts by current members to find the answer hee hee

  13. Abhi Says:

    Underdogs in United 93 are the “T” word people. They wanted to fly that plane into White house I think.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    hee hee..!!

  15. Shana Says:

    hee hee hee!!!

  16. sangi Says:

    bery bery funny..!!
    hee hee !!

  17. Shana Says:

    i see u getting fried with the presentation work….. 😛

  18. sangi Says:

    Oh I am just waiting for this presentation to get over…yahooooo…!!!

  19. Abhi Says:

    did you brush your teeth today???

  20. Abhi Says:

    shana/kiran when are you guys coming to boston??

  21. Shana Says:

    wait… dinner and BOOZE in indian formals understandable… MI3 in indian formals… probable… BUT Jillians?? INDIAN FORMALS…… :O:O:O:Nahinnn

    Shana/Kiran are coming to boston on friday nite 😀

  22. sangi Says:

    shana movie,booze and gillians is for friday..indian formals are for sat..dont get confused 🙂

  23. Shana Says:

    thanx for clearing up the conphusion sangi!

  24. sangi Says:

    u r welcome!! let us know what time u’ll b here or if u r going to sonu’s place first..!!

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