After Opal Mehta….

Books u might want to catch up with:
Megan McCafferty’s- ‘Sloppy firsts’ and ‘Second Helpings’
Meg Cabot’s – ‘The Princess Diaries’
Sophie Kinsella’s- ‘Can you keep a secret?’


6 Responses to “After Opal Mehta….”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Did you read any of those books??

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Better Question
    What was the last book you guys read??

  3. spuri Says:

    Dont remember the name of the last book I read…But these days reading “The Historian” by something Costova (Dont remeber her first name)…awesome is the word…reading a good book after a long time…FYI its about the History of Drakula…(DARAAWANI!!!)
    Guess what!!!I sleep with the lights on these days…

  4. Shana Says: thats not surprising sonu!
    well last book i read was Da Vinci Code which as all of U know was a let down for me.
    Trying to finish angels and demons.
    PS: While on books.. Memoirs of Geisha- better book than a movie

  5. Abhi Says:

    Will watch the movie to get the overall point of the book.
    Works all the time

  6. Piper Says:

    Dont forget to read the raytheon CEO’s book… he too was held for plagiarism!! imagine THAT!

    his punishment: no pay hike and a public apology.


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