guess whos here

finally i get this blog. i went to flickr and wrote this long ass message and no respeonse. so i started wondering about the anti-social behavior of my fellow mates.

but here u guys are. abhi and i were born on the same day. so someone send me a ticket please.

saw the pictures. everyone was so dressed up felt like it was everyones reception..look like a lotta fun.


6 Responses to “guess whos here”

  1. sangi Says:

    Mehul, finally..!! we were missing u here !!

  2. Rishi Says:

    Welcome Maharaj, Where the hell you been . Tum Idea dekar bhaag gaye?

  3. Abhi Says:

    English only people

  4. sangi Says:

    hi everyone, dont forget to click on the picture on the left side. Its a bostonbandit picture pool, i think u can also add pictures there.

  5. sangi Says:

    i am sorry its on the right side.

  6. Piper Says:

    Looks like you got flickr! šŸ™‚
    Cool pics.

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