Using Flickr to Share Images

So you have seen the flickr photos thing evolve with Sangi adding a lot of pictures. Guess what? you can add some too… here is how
1. Create a new account with flickr
2. Add yourself to the group bostonbandits . I will need to approve you to the group so please send me an email reminder at pushkar at gmail dot com .
3. Upload pictures to your flickr account and make sure they are marked public.
4. Click on the picture you just uploaded and on the picture toolbar, click on add to the group. Select the bostonbandits group from there.
5. That’s it.. you are done.

1. If you just created your account and you have uploaded just a couple of pictures, chances are that these will not appear automatically on the website since your flickr account itself is under review (what flickr calls as NIPSA).

To check if your account is under review,
a. Log in to
b. go to
c. If you see a message "Hey, are you wondering why your photos are not showing up here " (look at the screenshot) : then your account is still under review.
d. If your account is NIPSA, please upload atleast 5-6 pictures more to your flick account and send an email to flickr admin to get  your account live.

*phew* Now for more pictures.


6 Responses to “Using Flickr to Share Images”

  1. Piper Says:

    You probably want to do that to get your pics appear from flickr.

    You can follow these instructions to upload your pics too.

  2. sangi Says:

    yeah we want more pictures, shana if u have nigra pictures add them na. I am sure u have better organized collection than mine :).
    Junta contribute pictures please šŸ™‚

  3. sangi :) Says:

    has anyone seen abhi dancing, or abhi in suit…NO!!! go to our bostonbandit pictures :)) hee hee.

  4. Rupa Says:

    Thank you Pushkar for the invite.

  5. Abhi Says:


    Why can’t I save the Pic’s from Flickr to my harddrive…
    it keeps saying spaceball and i can’t save them

  6. sangi Says:

    you have to login to flickr to download pics and also add pushkar as contact šŸ™‚

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