Happy Birthday Divesh

so its Divesh’s b-day!!!! Happy b-day……little late.

that flickr picture posting is complicated man..i would rather send pictures by email to everyone and give everyone else the hastle of waiting for the pics to download or something. but its all good.

so lets hear it from more of you fools. hows everything going?


14 Responses to “Happy Birthday Divesh”

  1. sangi Says:

    hey mehul did u try or u r generally saying. U just have to upload it to bostonbandit. Its abso not complicated but whather suits u. If u have some good pics do send i’ll upload it for u :).

  2. Piper Says:

    mehul… is this your first post here 🙂

  3. Shana Says:

    i agree it is a lil complicated… but not that difficult. Btw! i have uploaded some pics on the flickr pool. more pics to follow.

  4. Piper Says:

    hey… sometimes the pictures might not come up by themselves (account under review…) please read my post for troubleshooting instructions.

  5. sangi Says:

    hee hee..!!

  6. sangi Says:

    hey shans, nice pics:). I think you have to make them public to see them on bostonbandit. U can change friends only tag to public …

  7. Abhi Says:


    Take some Pic’s of your co-workers and your office and upload those

    I want to see Indian and Chinese people work together and prove Russell Peters wrong 🙂

  8. sangi Says:

    hey shans, good job done:) nice pics.
    Pls to remove my pic, u know which one!!

  9. Shana Says:

    which pic sangi???? i tht all the pics are cho nice!! 😀

  10. Abhi Says:

    Where is Divesh now????

    If so then too late if not then Happy Journey dude

  11. Abhi Says:

    Divesh is now Married 🙂

    Hip Hip…………..

  12. sangi Says:

    not completed for almost like 24 hours..let me do it then…
    ….Hurrraaaaaay !!!

  13. Shana Says:

    did any of u call?

  14. sangi Says:

    i tried calling on sabita’s cell number, it didn’t go thru

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