No ofcourse its not about butter..its abt ELLIOT YAMIN. He didnt make it to final round…i just cannot believe it. How sad is that:(.


17 Responses to “I CAN NOT BELIEVE…”

  1. Piper Says:

    katherine shoudl have been the one to leave..

    anyhow. Taylor hicks is there 🙂

  2. Shana Says:

    wait… wait.. wait… Piper u changing ur allegiance. well honestly i haven’t seen the past few episodes so dunno how they were doing but overall i tht taylor show have gone bye bye long time back and definitely not Chris :O:O:O
    Neways… what are the calls people…
    AND UR NEXT AMERICAN IDOL IS…….????…..?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  3. sangi Says:

    now when elliot is gone..definetly Taylor, no way katherine can be american idol.

  4. Rishi Says:

    I believe that Katherine will be the one

  5. Shana Says:

    just cos sangi is thinking that taylor will win ??????

  6. Abhi Says:

    My American Idol is Jack Bauer…..Can’t wait till the 2 hour season finale where he saves us again….If he doesn’t then there would be no America which means no American Idol….Thus making Jack Bauer My American Idol….
    But Main Question is Who is the 2nd Best CTU agent??????

  7. Abhi Says:

    Please Rishi

    You don’t even watch American Idol

    If you watched American Idol then what did Simon wear yesterday???

  8. Abhi Says:

    I Can’t believe people spell CANNOT with 2 words

    hee hee

  9. Abhi Says:

    If you guys care…The Main Shocker was Cavs beating Pistons in NBA….I think Micki’s Roommate had a heartattack watching that 🙂

  10. sangi Says:

    ok lets go back to american idol again,.. thanks shana, see rishy I am not the only one who thinks that :).
    and abhi I am still not american so I will still spell cannot as two words. U have to believe it whether u want or not :).
    And I say, Taylor is winning.

  11. sangi Says:

    hee hee good one abhi..jack bauer ,ur american idol :)But true we do have 2 hours finale…cooool :).

  12. Rishi Says:

    Aree Katherine is my favourite choice Shana .. and Abhi I do watch A.I. bt dont focus on what “Simon” was wearing ..
    And Sangi your are Pagal

  13. sangi Says:

    i’ll remember this rishy

  14. Rishi Says:

    What do u mean ?

  15. sangi Says:

    u know what i mean..becaz u r not pagal rite.

  16. Abhi Says:

    i still don’t believe Rishi

    Anyways why doesn’t the other Pandu Sawant post messages on this blog????

  17. Piper Says:

    Huh? no replies from rishi?! strangeness.

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