whos Elliot Yamin??

whos this Elliot Yamin that ppl here are getting all worked up for??
sad for you abhi, no scrubs…start watching sopranos man!!!!!!!!!!!
thats all i have been watching and yea, im gonna start 24 season 5 pretty soon. u guys watching that or what??


13 Responses to “whos Elliot Yamin??”

  1. Shana Says:

    well for starters Elliot Yamin was one of the last 3 pple on American Idol. Check out the website for the latest… http://www.americanidol.com
    24- never followed it… tried to but cldnt… booo

  2. Abhi Says:

    hee hee

    you go to americanidol.com

    what happened to solving puzzles online???

  3. Piper Says:

    who is john galt?

  4. sangi Says:

    Hi Mehul, u know what.. if u have missed american idol, its ok , there is a dance comp show starting from may 25th.. again simon is the creater so that shld be fun too :).Yeah we do watch 24 and if u dont know, jack bauer is abhi’s american idol…so see all of us are big fan of 24 :).

  5. Abhi Says:


    Why are we caring about John??

  6. Piper Says:

    Because we can.
    Cant you america?

    woohoo, whistle

    Come on america.



  7. Abhi Says:

    I don’t get it????

  8. Piper Says:

    It was suposed to be ryan seacrest style remark…

    🙂 “come on america” or “vote america”

  9. Abhi Says:

    ok you freak!!!!!!!!!

  10. Abhi Says:

    Did Jack save the Day “again” in 24???????

  11. sangi Says:

    jack is shipped to china 🙂

  12. Abhi Says:


    hee hee hee hee hee….now that’s funny

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