So You Think You Can Dance !!

May 25th 25, its gonna b fun:)


25 Responses to “So You Think You Can Dance !!”

  1. sangi Says:

    american idol will b over soon, 24 is done already and jack is shipped to china ..hey mehul look out for jack, will u?
    Dont know what else to watch.

  2. Abhi Says:

    Get HD box from Comcast!!!! Let me enjoy my last few days in US with a Nice Dinner and HD TV 🙂

  3. sangi Says:

    as u said abhi we got it yest but u didnt show up.

  4. sangi Says:

    and did i hear you saying NICE DINNER?
    really 🙂

  5. Abhi Says:

    Yeah you have cook me something nice so that I can enjoy the TV

  6. Abhi Says:

    I wanted to come yesterday but have to spend time with the babies…Don’t know how long they are going to be here in boston…I am going to miss them 😦

  7. sangi Says:

    yeah may b now u have to save money for ur trips to austin. I heard austin is the best place ..ofcourse after boston 🙂

  8. Shana Says:

    Well.. well.. well.. the serial i can’t miss. the best talent show possible. and i am not gonna get to watch it on HDTV …damnnnn!!

  9. sangi Says:

    so as i watch the show…first song katherine was horrible..and as usual taylor rocks..hee hee great start..more later after second song…uoooohooooo 🙂

  10. sangi Says:

    first thing, why is she repeating song, i didnt enjoy it..eeeyyhhhh. Taylor was stable as usual but yeah this song was not really exciting.

  11. Piper Says:

    I positively hated Kat McPhee’s third song. Reminds me of Kelly Clarksons’s single (A moment like this)..
    Who the hell comes up with these songs anyways?

    Anyhow. Taylor has a third song to go … Hope he cracks it.

  12. sangi Says:

    Third song:– comment hee hee….and for taylor simon said it already..”he won the american idol”. I simply loved it..yooohhhhhoooooo. 🙂 I am gonna vote now…coool.

  13. Shana Says:

    ok… thanks piper.. i wasn’t sure if my ears were ringing.

  14. Piper Says:

    dont thank me.. thank simon cowell.

  15. Abhi Says:

    You Freaks!!!!!!!!!!!!

    American Idol sucks

  16. Abhi Says:


    Where are you guys????? I miss you already…..Come back soon


  17. sangi Says:

    what abt elliot.??

  18. Abhi Says:

    yes…her too…come back 🙂

  19. Abhi Says:

    yes…her too…come back 🙂

  20. Abhi Says:

    If you guys post anything related to American Idol…Today or Tomorrow then you shall be banned from this Website


  21. Shana Says:

    I c…. well the american idol finale is pretty decent huh……

  22. Shana Says:

    so…….. sangi.. u were rite 😉

  23. Abhi Says:

    When is sangi wrong??????

  24. sangi Says:


  25. Abhi Says:

    yo…anyone watch the show???

    funny….but proves that fat people also dance and look good

    but have to watch of their stuff floppy out

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