So Taylor Hicks it is


10 Responses to “So Taylor Hicks it is”

  1. sangi Says:

    yeah ofcourse :) rishy r u feeling bad for katherine !!

  2. Rupa Says:

    Why is Pandu Potdar quiet today?

  3. Piper Says:

    Go Taylor!

    Rupa, good one.

  4. Abhi Says:

    Most Sawant’s are Pandu’s
    Most Potdar handle Gold Business

    You the Pandu

  5. sangi Says:

    but abhi “pandu potdar” rhymes..:)

  6. Abhi Says:

    But they are Pandu’s not me

    but then again Pandu Potdar does sound funny 🙂

    on the side note
    Rupa….Post something that doesn’t relate to calling me Pandu or breaking my Castle

  7. sangi Says:

    haa haa haa:)

  8. Abhi Says:

    Where my Pandu’s At??????
    I am going to see a lot of Sawant’s family Members in Brown Uniform with a stick in India 🙂

  9. Piper Says:

    DUde (abhi),
    tera lagne waala hai.

  10. Abhi Says:


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