Abhi Bhaiya leaving USA for good !!

I met myself like 10 mins back near JFK Umass. He is gonna join some Denmark based company as call center manager in bangalore.

Cool isn't it :)BTW he leaves this evening 🙂


8 Responses to “Abhi Bhaiya leaving USA for good !!”

  1. sangi Says:

    yoo abhi bhaiya 🙂 wish u a great time in india. Keep writing 🙂

  2. Piper Says:

    call center? in bangalore? wow….

  3. sangi Says:

    so guys Mr Abhi potdar reached india successfully :)hee hee

  4. Shana Says:

    sangi are u sure he took the flight to india. after the asian kid talk… i am thinking maybe abhi’s taking a detour!!!!!!

  5. sangi Says:

    hee hee…quite possible shana:)

  6. Abhi Says:

    I have reached USA 🙂 hee hee
    India is freaking awesome 🙂

    will post pic’s later
    have to visit some malls now 🙂


  7. sangi Says:

    oh ya india is totally awesome 🙂
    so u have already started taking pics haan..not bad abhi :).

  8. Rishi Says:

    Hey there,

    Thats good you reached safe and sound. Let me know any numbers we can contact you on .


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