Drinking Frequency

A new study finds an alcoholic drink a day can significantly reduce the risk for heart disease in men but women get almost the same benefit with only one drink a week. The report, which appears online in the British medical journal BMJ, suggests that for women, alcohol intake is the primary protective factor, while for men, it is drinking frequency.

So Drink up!!!


3 Responses to “Drinking Frequency”

  1. Rishi Says:

    Awesome advice dude .. kudos for that research .. Now I dont have the guilt for drinking too much ..

    Kbird= Kiran …. right?

  2. Divesh Says:

    Hmmmmm …. Excellent!!!!

  3. Shana Says:

    Kiran.. i see that the mssge was posted at 11:00am… arn’t u sppsed to be at work..??? hmmmm

    Neways.. i feel the enlightenment in me. i shall follow it 😀

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