Now What????

People said don’t take the train
They said don’t eat out
But in the last few days
I ate 2 Plates Pani Puri/Drank Sugar Cane juice 3 glasses/ Had 1 Rupee Lemon Water
I take Second Class train everyday
Dadar to Ghatkophar 6 rupees…Taxi is 130 Rs. and First class is Rs. 52…..So 2nd class is best

But now I am running out of things to do 😦 I still have 2o days left 🙂

Help me


6 Responses to “Now What????”

  1. Rishi Says:

    Abhi, go take a look at how the clubs are in Mumbai if you can …. our “Cool” bhai will definately help you on this one…

  2. Rishi Says:

    Bandra Linking Road, Fashion Street (Churchgate) I dont know if you have visited these places … Go to Vitthal Bhel puri center near Sterling Theatre at CST station.

    Also, Abhi I am getting into fresh water aquarium plant cultivation … so go visit some pet shops and get some plants for me … an dont laugh … I am serious abt this .. get those plants … Check out how the pet shops are in Mumbai ..

  3. Rishi Says:

    Dude , also if you havent visited the Siddhi vinayak temple you can plan one trip over there … You can bribe Lord Ganesha for making that “75%:25% ” thing thats going on here in Boston a success 🙂

  4. sangi Says:

    hee heee 75% 25% ..hee hee yeah yeah..and abhi dont go to whole lot of “Malls” to buy “Jeans” ok 🙂

  5. Abhi Says:

    I don’t get your joke. 75% 25%

    Anyways what did you guys do on Rupa’s b-day???

  6. sangi Says:

    We gave rupa and rishy enough “privacy” :).

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