so u think u can dance :)

i dont know if u guys are following this program, I have been watching it from day one…!! What they are showing now is TOP 20 and yest show was awesome..loved it 🙂


55 Responses to “so u think u can dance :)”

  1. Kbird Says:

    & some were pretty crappy…..

  2. sangi Says:

    for now my favourites are Benzi and Heidi 🙂

  3. Rupa Says:

    I have to watch it… since I have a dancer at home….

  4. sangi Says:

    I am sure dancer shana must b watching the show ..Who is ur favourite so far shans..:).

  5. Rishi Says:

    {{{Rupa said…

    I have to watch it… since I have a dancer at home….

    Sangi said…

    I am sure dancer shana must b watching the show ..Who is ur favourite so far shans..:). }}}

    Where did Shana come from … Sangi .. Rupa posted the message not Kbird.. 🙂

  6. Kbird Says:

    Congrats Sangi…That was the 50th post….
    BTW Sangi, what did you have for lunch??

  7. Kbird Says:

    1st post…..Pushu…
    50th post….Sangi…
    100th post…?????…

  8. sangi Says:

    hey kbird, I had bhindi sambar and rice in lunch:) Pushu.. cooked it u know.
    and i didnt understand 50th post, 100th post..please elaborate 🙂
    And one genuine ques..why kbird?

  9. Kbird Says:

    sorry..dont mind the posts..confusion between 2 blogs…
    This happened bcos I didnt have anythng for lunch…i guess…

  10. sangi Says:

    rishy sir , i know rupa posted the messg, I was just including other dancers in discussion :)..but why did u raise this point did u want us to discuss more on ur…ur kajrare…oh wait shana comes there too..:) can’t help it.

  11. Kbird Says:

    Why Kbird? …hmmm good question…
    thats my call name…
    Will tell you why in person..

  12. sangi Says:

    hee heee u r funny kbird? 🙂

  13. sangi Says:

    shanita..where r u..and piper is missing too :)write something

  14. Kbird Says:

    Link from Sameer:

  15. Kbird Says:

    Shani..ta is busy tutoring NY state police….
    I hope I can use them for some favors…
    S..make some good contacts while u r there.. 🙂

  16. Kbird Says:

    ok..that was a joke…

  17. sangi Says:

    hee hee yeah i heard that..

  18. sangi Says:

    hey kbird how come u r not on orkut

  19. Kbird Says:

    I feel that orkuts pretty crappy…
    & this opinion is mine and only mine..

  20. Kbird Says:

    june 16th Fri evening, 4:34pm…I am totally jobless…

  21. sangi Says:

    hee hee orkut is crappy..thats true 🙂

  22. sangi Says:

    why dont u go back home and watch soccer

  23. Kbird Says:

    I think I am having a Blogger`s comment diarrhoea..
    Pushu..please don’t ban me…

  24. Piper Says:

    Why jobless Kbird????
    prepare for the world cup match tomorrow .. USA vs Italy

  25. Kbird Says:

    hmmm…soccer jokes anyone…
    why isn’t it football when the whole world calls it that…
    Is it because everythng is in an american way…

  26. Kbird Says:

    Name three football clubs that contain swear words?
    Arsenal, Scunthorpe and F*****g Man Utd.

  27. sangi Says:

    U didnt write for so long…it had to come out some way or the other 🙂

  28. Kbird Says:

    saaaaayy whattt

  29. Piper Says:


  30. Piper Says:

    ROTFL : [R]olling [O]n [T]he [F]loor [L]aughing

  31. sangi Says:

    and i was talking abt ur diarrhoea

  32. Kbird Says:

    ana one…very stupid…

    What tea do footballers drink?

  33. sangi Says:

    aarrrrgggg 🙂

  34. sangi Says:

    hey kbird..send more jokes 🙂

  35. Kbird Says:


    Do you know why the British Post Office just recalled their latest stamps?

    Well, they had photos of Manchester United players on them – folk couldn’t figure out which side to spit on.

    hee hee

  36. Kbird Says:

    What time is the US vs Italy game tomorrow?
    US will stop playin soccer forever.

  37. sangi Says:

    hee hee..for last joke 🙂
    no idea abt game time

  38. sangi Says:

    hey kiran add some photos from shana’s bday.

  39. Kbird Says:

    I have posted them on nikonian, let me know if you can view it.

  40. Kbird Says:

    I need email ID’s of Vineet & Gautham.

  41. Shana Says:

    Golden Jubilee Mubaarak ho!!! 50th posting and that’s what kiran wrote earlier..Pushkar-1st post Sangi- 50th…wah wah… kya pyaarr…And as for Kiran’s question about the 100th post.. Junior…where are u????

    as for so u think u can dance… hiedi and her cousin (dont remember his name) .. but i guess dint follow it that much to remember all the names. dekhte hain… aage aage hota hain kya!!!

  42. sangi Says:

    i didn’t realise it was 50th posting..mahn we r doing good isn’t it..:) who is junior btw? 🙂
    and heidi’s cousin is we have same favs shanita. 🙂

  43. Piper Says:

    can you share the pics with the boston bandits group?

  44. Kbird Says:

    I think I did..

  45. Kbird Says:

    Driving Styles ..

    One hand on steering wheel, one hand out of window.

    One hand on steering wheel, one hand on horn

    One hand on steering wheel, one hand on newspaper, foot solidly on accelerator…

    Both hands on steering wheel, eyes shut, both feet on brake, quivering
    in terror
    New York

    Both hands in air, gesturing, both feet on accelerator, head turned to
    talk to someone in back seat

    One hand on horn,
    one hand on holding gear,
    one ear listening to loud music,
    one ear on cell phone,
    one foot on accelerator,
    one foot on clutch,
    nothing on break,
    eyes on females in next car,
    INDIA (Welcome) !

  46. Piper Says:


  47. sangi Says:

    hee hee ..good one kbird 🙂

  48. Kbird Says:

    so, as expected, US is out of FIFA 06…
    If they had gone to the next round..god knows how big of an issue they would have made out of it….

  49. Kbird Says:

    Oh, i was just 1 min short for the previous comment…

  50. Kbird Says:

    Yes..this is my 50th comment for this post… heee heeee

  51. Shana Says:

    my new favorite on so u think…. any guesses.. any guesses.. DIMITRY….He’s a hottie (my latest aankhon ko thandak)….:D:D:D

  52. sangi Says:

    really shana :) is like as miya says..greek god :), he is not a great dancer though 🙂

  53. Shana Says:

    yeah like mia said .. Greek God!! and he sure is a great ball room dancer. reminds me of Artem from last season.

  54. sangi Says:

    somehow i couldn’t appreciate his dance so much…he is ok nothing great 🙂

  55. Piper Says:

    I think Heidi rocks.. yeah not the cutest looking but what a dancer 🙂

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